Our Materials

True to the sustainable engineering principles that underpin everything we do, our products are designed to be durable, long-lasting and easily recycled. We use responsibly-sourced bamboo – a fast-growing renewable material that’s FSC-certified. Additionally, our toughened borosilicate glass is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and impact, while remaining fully recyclable.

Our Packaging

Your Franklin Lade pieces are responsibly packaged in boxes made from a mix of recycled cardboard and paper from sustainably managed FSC-certified forests. We hit our goal of going plastic free with our packaging in July 2023 and will continue to look at lower-impact packaging solutions that protect your items during transit.

Our Commitments

Doing things right has been woven into our daily operations from the very beginning. We will continue to minimise our environmental impact and be fully transparent about how we do this. We commit to ethical and responsible manufacturing as well as offsetting residual emissions by supporting internationally verified carbon-offset projects.    

Featured project

Clean Cook Stoves, Nationwide, Uganda

Making it easier for people to eat and live healthily is at the heart of Franklin Lade. We’re incredibly proud to work with ClimatePartner to support climate projects with a positive social impact. This project brings a healthier and more energy-efficient way of cooking to households in Uganda.

Over 35,000 cookstoves have been provided to homes and small businesses in Uganda, reducing CO2 emissions by about 119,840 tonnes per year. The biomass cookstoves replace the need for families to cook over open fires indoors. The stoves also use significantly less fuel, which reduces carbon emissions and air pollution - so the communities benefit from cleaner air and improved health.

The Clean Cook Stoves project also significantly mitigates the day-to-day risks faced by women and girls in the region, who bear the primary responsibility for cooking.

This project aligns with the below UN sustainable development goals: