If your go-to for storing food is old takeaway containers or plastic lunchboxes and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about glass food containers, read on. In this blog post, we'll share ten rock-solid reasons why glass is by far the best material when it comes to storing your precious leftovers and meal prep.

1. It’s Better for You

We’ll start with one of the key benefits of glass food storage – there are no nasties! You wouldn’t put toxins into your cooking, but did you know that storing foods in plastic containers can leach harmful chemicals into them? Thankfully our borosilicate glass containers are completely free from BPA, BPS, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium and other heavy metals and won’t leach.

2. It’s Better for the Planet

They’re also a hell of a lot better for the environment - they are made to be long-lasting and can be used hundreds or thousands of times each, if you look after them well. At a time when climate change is a big issue of conversation, it’s unbelievably satisfying to realise that some of your most frequently used items are years old and still going strong.

3. It Won’t Yellow from Your Curry

…Or your chilli con carne, or your spaghetti bolognese. If you love to cook, the chances are you’ve ruined many plastic food containers in your time. Glass, on the other hand, doesn’t stain because the material is impermeable; plus, our Franklin Lade glass has a subtle blue tone to it so that containers always look bright and new.

4. You Can Cook or Bake in it (as well as store food in it)

Since borosilicate glass has exceptional resistance to thermal shock, our containers can be used in the oven up to 450oC. That means you can make a meal in it, serve what you want from it then let any that’s left cool to room temperature before popping it in the fridge for another day. Not only does that mean less washing up, but it also means there’s a lot less chance of your leftover lasagne slipping off the slotted turner before you’ve even got it into the container to store! 

5. It’s Freezer Safe

Oh, and it works in extremely cold temperatures too. In fact, you can even go straight from the freezer to the oven! Just be careful to adjust the temperature gradually to avoid cracking it, as the glass has a tolerance difference of 130 degrees Celsius.

6. It Stays Clear

Our glass food storage won’t become cloudy or scratched, no matter how many times you put it through the dishwasher. Due to its high optical clarity, you can easily see what’s inside it, and that means you’re less likely to let those strawberries go bad or forget about leftovers. You can even cut things like cheese inside it since borosilicate glass has increased scratch and abrasion resistance due to it containing a higher content of boron oxide than standard glass.

7. It’s Attractive Enough to Serve In

Whether it’s bringing the pot to the table to make it easier to ladle out portions of a hearty stew, or a dinner party where you want to impress with your home-made mezze, there’s just no doubt that glass will outclass plastic when it comes to looks. Just unclip the lids, and you instantly have a stylish platter.

8. No Nasty After-Taste, Ever

We touched on this earlier, but due to its nonporous and impermeable nature, glass does not interact with the food it contains, thereby preserving its original flavours.

9. Leak Proof & Airtight

Due to the airtight silicone seals, the contents won’t leak or sweat, making them perfect for keeping fruit, vegetables, or even cheese; fresh for longer. It also means that you can bring homecooked meals to work for lunch without worrying that the sauce has coated the inside of your handbag. Phew!

10. It’s Just Built Stronger

Finally, borosilicate glass is impressively durable. It is mechanically stronger than soda-lime glass (the most widely used glass), which makes it less likely to break or shatter under stress. You’ll notice how sturdy our containers feel to handle, and we test them to ensure they can cope with being transported and everyday use so that you can use them for years to come.  

So, there you go - ten compelling reasons why glass reigns supreme as the ultimate food storage champion. From their non-toxic nature to their durability and sleek aesthetics, glass containers have truly earned their place in our kitchens. Say goodbye to the messy drawer full of flimsy plastics and embrace sturdy, stackable and versatile glass containers.

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